Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hey y'all I hope you're having a fantastic day! I'm sharing  a few things that have made my life a little easier this week.

This blazer: I got this before moving because I knew I'd be applying for jobs. When I got it home I realized I had dress pants that matched it exactly, so I have a full suit ready to go. I also got it on an insane mark down (like 70% ) so it did not break the bank! I got a call back for an interview next week (fingers crossed!) so it was one less thing I had to think of in preperation for it. I am probably going to pair it with a white oxford and my black pearls.

Weck Mold Jars. Sorry for the tiny picture- its all I have. I went on a major nesting kick AFTER Henry was born and got rid of all of our plastic tupperware containers. I hated them because they would fall out of the cabinet whenever I opened the door, and they would stain. I bit the bullet and purchased these jars in two sizes- this one and a smaller one and I have LOVED them. I was unsure if the separate clips and gasket would make life harder but they really havent. We keep the clips in a cup for when we need them, and the gaskets can wash in the sink with the other dishes and hang to dry. They are such great quality and we use them for EVERYTHING. Because they are canning jars I have even canned small batch strawberry jam, and I microwave them all of the time. I also use them as drinking glasses. I definitely have a mason jar problem- and these make me very okay with that :).

Starbucks espresso roast. I have had the hardest time finding whole bean coffee or ground espresso in the grocery where I shop, so I finally bit the bullet and went to the starbucks on base and found their espresso roast. I have a little italian stove-top espresso maker and I don't like making Americano in it. This stuff is awesome. SO good and Sbux will grind it however you want- even if you buy their coffee from another store like Tarjay or Publix. 

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Guys. We are there. Henry is ready for potty training...and I keep asking myself if I am ready. I read this book a while back and It made me feel like this is much more doable than I anticipated originally. I read Baby Wise when I first had Henry and it SAVED our sanity being students, and new parents. It also really worked for Henry's personality and personal needs. Henry already had to be on a schedule in the hospital due to his feeding problems and the fact that he slept non-stop and would not eat- so it was easy (thats a relative term- nothing seems easy when you have a newborn) to transition him from the hospital schedule to the schedule outlined in Baby Wise. I am all for doing what works for YOU, and this worked like a charm. So I feel much less trepidatious going into this weekend. Pray for me y'all. (P.S. ANY potty training advise would be much appreciated!) 


I have worn asics since they still made the 8020. I ran track in college and they were so comfortable. For a shoe to be comfortable with all the problems i have with my feet (ex ballerina here) - I was sold. I have worn asics until I recently went into a running store and they did not have any that I actually liked. So I tried the Mizuno Wave Rider and I was SOLD. I can't believe that I like something MORE than my trusty asics, but these are SO light (almost as light as sprinting flats) and I'm not mad at the cute color combo. They've made getting back into running (a little) less painful. 


  1. I had NO clue there was potty wise book!! Ordering it now --- we're in the exact same boat and I loved Baby Wise! So glad I stopped by! Thanks for joining our little link-up today! :)

    1. yes i love that book! i also just found one from the blog "your modern family" that becky wrote- it goes into an actual day by day plan that she used. i like that one a lot too! and i'm so glad i found the link up- love your blog!