Friday, October 18, 2013


Hey Y'all It's time for Five on Friday! I'm linking up over at the The Good Life Blog. Here are mine:

1. I finally decorated for Halloween. I love the fall holidays, and normally I'm the cray cray who has decorated for Halloween by Oct. 1. I used things I already had. I used books in my Thanksgiving decoration last year- in which I only used those books, left over white mini pumpkins, and other odds and ends around the house, and I LOVED how it turned out. So I decided to go the same direction this year and I'm super happy with it. I tried to pick Halloween-ish books either in color or theme :).


2. Y'all. I love a good candle. Especially pumpkin ones! Ideally it would be eco friendly but I'm not going to pay $25 for a non-eco candle let alone for an eco one. These are $5 at "the mart" thats what we call wal-mart around here) and they smell like a  $25 bath and body works candle. 


3. I became obsessed with this cookbook that called "The Happy Everything Cookbook" or something at Joe Patti's market here, and it's written by a woman who makes these amazing ceramic platters that say "Happy Everything!" on them. I'm kindof obsessed and I want one, along with the book. What I love about it is that she really loves to celebrate the every day- everything! So its right up my alley. So until I get my hands on one of her fabulous platters, I made myself a fun little reminder. This is also a pre-view of a fun DIY coming up next week. (No, this is not actually the DIY) 


4. One of my favorite bloggers talked in a post about writing herself "notes to self", some of which have become prints in her shop. I totally loved the idea and I've started writing myself "notes to self" lately as well. This one resides on my desk. They've made me happier for sure. 


5. I've been known to be in my own little world at times- this one was one of those times. I bought this book YEARS ago and stuck it on my bookshelf and promptly forgot about it. The other night I pulled it out looking for fish recipes and found that she has a Sole Meuniere recipe in there, a recipe I've always wanted to try. But aside from that- the book is freaking adorable. She breaks down all of her recipes into themes- like Hanukkah, a retro-themed cocktail party, and a steak-house style date night. She includes drink recipes AND music playlists. The photos are also very appealing- which is super important for a visual person like me. I am making one of her cocktails along with the Sole Meuniere next week, and will report back. 

This week turned out to be a fantastic week! I was unsure how it would go- or how my patience would be by the end of the week, but Henry James did SO great with potty training. He definitely still has accidents every day, but he really tries and gets excited when he gets it right. This experience reinforced to me how great he responds to us praising him for what he does right. We were able to go on two outings and he stayed dry the whole time. He's a little champ!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! Any fun plans you're looking forward to?  

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  1. i LOVE your happy everything DIY so much! as much as i love gold poka dots! which is also a lot!!!

    happy friday/weekend/EVERYTHING! ;)