Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Here's a very little known fact about me...


One of my very FAVORITE things to watch is when an athlete wins. Not just see them make the winning shot, or get the hole in one. I'm talking about the moment milliseconds after that shot, or after landing that somersault, or hitting the bullseye. They get so excited and happy. They are blown away in that moment.  

You can see in their eyes that this one moment is a culmination of weeks, months, years, sometimes decades of preparation- and a coming to fruition of all the hard work they've put into their goal. 

I don't even like golf but I could probably cry in a second flat watching Tiger woods or Phil Mickelson win whatever tournament they're in. Every sport has that moment, and it is true to the word: Awesome. I love seeing people succeed. Part of what I love about it so much is that it is evidence that it CAN be done. I never get jealous of others' success because It is them showing the world that it CAN be done. Another part of it is that success is generally where God given talent and tons of hard work meet. 

I'm about to be a huge sports nerd so stick with me here-  there's a reason behind this. 

I read this very story once and I can't remember who connected all the dots or where I read it- please forgive that. But this story totally resonated with me. You can read an interview with Bannister here

In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier.

 Can I get an Amen? 

Who does that? 

(I ran track in college- but I made it a policy to never run longer than 4 minutes consecutively, and never run a distance further than 200 meters. I'm only half joking because I did a LOT of running at a distance longer than 200 meters in order to train for my sprints. I digress...)

When interviewed Bannister said: 

" It didn’t seem logical to me, as a physiologist/doctor, that if you could run a mile in four minutes, one and a bit seconds, you couldn’t break four minutes. But it had become a psychological as well as a physical barrier." Source

The following years many more people broke the 4 minute mile barrier. Why did they do this? What was so special about the years following? Well, the essay I originally read on this topic explained this: The following runners saw it could be done- and that simple fact- that it had been done before- provided enough of a psychological shift for those other runners to do so. 

THAT is why I love seeing people accomplish things. Because their accomplishments, their shining bright  is giving US permission to do the same. 

THAT is why I started blogging. Because I have gained so much by other women sharing their stories, by seeing other women do AMAZING things. 

THAT is why I set goals this year that seem impossible to me. 

THAT is why I pray for seemingly-impossible blessings for this year.


Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hi everyone! Its been far far too long. Once I got my job I knew I needed to take some time to focus on that and renegotiating what life was going to look like with that. I've been getting into a new routine and spending as much extra time with the little one as I could.  Coach is in a very busy season with work ( we're talkin' 12-14 hour days up until his christmas break-) so when he had an hour or two to spare on the weekends we were spending that time together as a family. I also found that I didn't have much to say during that time either. It wasn't necessarily that I wasn't inspired, but I was thinking over a lot of things I wanted for this year and had less to say as a result. Now that it is the new year I have so much I want to share and lots of exciting plans. 

Today I'm linking up with Casey Leigh to discuss my word for the year: 

  I hope everyone's holiday was great- and that everyone's new year is off to a great start! I was never a resolution person in the past- always writing the new year off as a time when people make promises to themselves that they eventually do not keep. After a year of a LOT of transition for my family and I, I am hoping this year is one of calm and quiet preparation. We truly have no clue what the military has in store for us this year,  but I really want this year to be one where we reach some goals as a family and I overcome or achieve things that have been on my mind for a long time. I am going to spend the next little while talking about goals/ resolutions/  and what I want for myself in this new year. 

I've spent a lot of time praying for clarity, and not only to, as Bob Goff Says "see God's fingerprints" but to have peace of mind and conviction for what He wants for my life.  One of my favorite things to do every year starting with a few years ago has been to chose a word for the year. Even when I was not a huge resolution-maker I loved the idea of picking a word to define what I wanted the year to be about. Casey did this in the past and wrote about it- and that is what got me started on it. Now I'm seeing a lot of people do this, and I love it!  This year, my word is 


Webster Defines it as "Lacking Fear". I don't mean that I will lack fear this year coming up- but rather I am going to FEAR LESS. And even when I am afraid, I am going to, as Lara Casey says, "feel the fear, and do it anyway". The synonyms listed below the definition were a better fit for what this word means to me. They are: 

bold, brave, courageous, intrepid, valiant, valorous, gallant, plucky, lionhearted, heroic, daring, audacious, indomitable, doughty. 

To be courageous is not to be without fear- but to feel it and do it anyway.

I struggle with fear, with worrying. My biggest fear is FAILURE. It still doesn't make sense to me why I fear this so much, but it is what it is. I have been reading a lot about athletes with the olympics coming up, and I've been reading about Roger Bannister (more on him soon). It seems almost every time I read about a successful athlete , failure comes up. And they always say they fail all the time, or that their failure now contributes to their future success. 

"One step short of success is not a failure. Failing is not a 'failure' if it gets you closer to success tomorrow." Lolo Jones 

Some of the goals I have in mind for this year are to overcome things; things that when I think about them I start to feel icky and my heartbeat quickens. But I'm just done with those things. And I feel unequivocally that this year- THIS year- I am to overcome those things so that I can trust more- so that I can do what I was put on this earth to do and just not be encumbered by things that have been dragging me down. 

And more than anything- that this is the year to overcome fear, and especially fear of failure. The only way to do that, however is to feel the fear and do it  anyway; and to realize that I won't in fact, turn into a pumpkin if I do face that which scares me the most. 

Next time I'm going to talk about watching other succeed and live their lives to fulfill their purpose. 

What is your word for this year? What is your hope for the year to come? 

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi There! Today In honor of my first day of work! Woo hoo for orientation! (jay kay) - I thought I would show a couple of items that I would love to have in my office. 

1. 2. 3. 4.5.

1. I have always loved Pencil Shavings Studio. I have one of her ipad covers and it is great quality, and just about the cutest thing ever. I am a stripes lover, and a color lover- so I thought that a tray like this to corral client files/paperwork would be a cute addition to my office. It also fits my profession too  as an art therapist (or so I tell myself). 

2. My favorite aisle in Tarjay is the Smith and Hawken aisle. I have always loved their things, and used to spend hours walking through the store in my hometown on my breaks from working retail over christmas.  I would love this box to make a terrarium out of in my office. 

3. Coffee. Obviously. I am old school when it comes to coffee. I use a french press or my Bialetti stove top espresso maker to make coffee, and that's it. I utterly refuse to buy a keurig. Handy they are, but I just can't give up my old school ways. Because they take slightly more effort/time to make coffee in, I'll probably be having my first cup at the office. Starbucks is carrying a small 2 or 3 cupper that is made out of recycled plastic. I love the design, AND it is wayyyy cheaper than buying one at Target- surprisingly enough. Target has become proud of their french presses. $30? I mean. 

4. I think every office should have something green. I have collected cacti and succulents since I was itty bitty. I would save up a dollar from my allowance and every few weeks go to the "cactus guy" at our local farmers market and pic out a new plant. I still have a huge aloe vera plant that I'll be taking with me to work, but I'd like to get more, and make a terrarium in that gorgeous Smith and Hawken box from above. 

5. Ever since I was small I've been obsessed with school supplies. I still am, even though I am out of school now (cue angels singing). I LOVE these notepads from Greenroom. Theyre super sassy, and they are just about the perfect size to stow in your purse or keep it on your desk. I take notes all the time for everything, and these make it that much more fun. And you can't get mad at the price tag either. 

What are some of your work/office must-haves? 

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Friday Coach's flights got cancelled due to weather and he was home for the day. With Henry at school for a half day, and about to start full time again, I was feeling a little aimless and mopey around the house. We ended up sitting on the sofa, eating lunch, talking, and watching really dumb television on TLC. 


It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. It definitely felt strange to do nothing- not even being on the computer or phone while watching tv or something. I am not good at doing nothing. Watching a movie is a perfect time to fold laundry or blog, right? But it is worth it to train our minds to concentrate on ONE thing at a time- it provides much more rest, and is calming. And de-programming from the glorification of busy is hard to do, but worth it. 

It is so important in our day and age of constant over-stimulation due to the media to really just do NOTHING, or reduce what you do to one thing, and focus solely on that! 


Friday, November 15, 2013


Hey there! I hope everyone is finishing out a great week! I'm finally getting my 5 on Friday up! This week has been busy busy! 


My friend Melanie came in town this past weekend and we had such a great time. We became instant friends when she was assigned to be my "big sister" in grad school. It's not awesome that we don't live down the street from one another anymore but she's taken time to come visit a few times once she moved away and its always so much fun! We explored and ate and shopped and played with H. It also means so much to me when my friends love Henry so much, and she definitely does. She is auntie Mel to him and lets him jump all over her and throw baseballs at her. 


After today started out not on the awesome side, (to include my only travel mug leaking ALL over me ALL morning) I decided to take some of my birthday money and purchase one of these alice and olivia for Starbucks travel mugs. I mean. My coffee now has it's own tutu. the end. 


Henry started at his new school for two half days this week to get used to it before being there full time. To say it is a better fit for him than his old daycare is an understatement. They ADORE him and take SUCH good care of him. They keep them engaged all day long in projects and learning, and he even gets to bring his own lunch. So obviously he had to get his very own special lunch box with his name on it. I know he won't remember it but I love it and it makes his teachers finding his things easier. Also, he loves carrying his lunchbox in to school and feels like such a big boy. 


I FINALLY went to World Market with Mel this weekend. And I was sold. Because, wine y'all. Can I please get a moment of silence? Amen.


Two awesome things in this photo. It was finally cold enough to wear my super comfy uggs the other day. I don't care if they have crud on them or if they are even out of style ( I have no idea if they are or not) they are SO dang comfy. Also, I was waiting for the library to open so I could get my library card in this photo. I got Henry one as well and scored on a ton of books for him and an audio book to listen to for myself while I drive around running errands. Score!

Okay y'all, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Afternoon lovelies! I hope everyone's Tuesday is going great! Ours is good over here. Getting things checked off that old to do list! Today I want to talk a little bit about simplifying my life.

 As students and new parents Coach and I had to get organized and simplify as a matter of survival while we were in school. My fabulous in-laws gave me this fantastic calendar for my birthday a year or two ago and it was life changing. We were so insanely busy that every day one of us would drop him off one morning, and another would pick him up, and then the next day would be totally different. Using that calendar to schedule both of our days down to the hour was perfect for us.

We did not have to buy a single piece of clothing for the first year of his life because of many gifts of clothing and an extremely generous family friend who gave us ALL of her two sons' clothing. Because of this we splurged and purchased 2 car seats and bases so we never had to think about who had the carseat.

Meal planning was also huge for me.  I did not do crock pot meals because I really adore cooking and that was my way of relaxing and winding down at the end of an intense day of school and internships. I did, however, make quick meals during the week, and fun more involved ones on the weekends. But planning my meals and shopping once made life so much easier.

Having a cleaning schedule also helped a ton. I did not want to spend a ton of time cleaning every day, but wanted a clean house. That was probably the thing that got let go the most- but I did the best I could. Coach and I split the chores pretty much down the middle, and where I did cleaning of the whole house, he did the laundry and dishes (daily). It worked out for both of us. I came up with a basic 30 minute plan for every day so the house would get cleaned entirely by the end of the week. Now I have found a little more in-depth one off apartment therapy now that our house is, ehem, twice the size of our tiny city apartment.

Being a military family, a major way of simplifying our lives is by keeping the "stuff" and "clutter" to the minimum. We constantly got rid of stuff for a good 2 years (we are talking a bag of stuff every week). We really pared down to what we needed and things that served our lives and house. Before we moved, we got rid of even more. I got rid of ALL of the clothes I don't wear- which means about half of them. We don't have unnecesary kitchen appliances or gadgets either. We have items that do double duty, and items that are very high quality that will last forever.  We buy kindle books or get books from the library  so we don't have to move around tons and tons of books. Everything in our house has a place.

I use Emily's simplified planner binder as a household notebook keeping all of our important documents at hand, and have all of our really important documents in a safe that we can grab easily. Her series on simplifying has inspired me to simplify even more so that I can focus on what she says: "what matters most".

I also use Lara's powersheets to keep my goals at hand so that I have no excuses to reach them. Coach and I were both college athletes and have continued with the goal-oriented mind set we picked up from being athletes. We want Henry to believe that he can do anything that he sets his mind to.


Now that I am about to start a job I want to simplify things even more- so I totally organized my closet and picked out any items of work clothing that needed to be cleaned or tailored. I am picking up silver polish to make sure all of my accessories are looking bright and shiny, and I am finishing up some projects around the house.


I want to give this way of cooking a whirl to see if it buys us more family time at the end of the day. As I've said before, family time is THE most important thing to us, as we know that our time is not ours being a military family- so if I can maximize that- then I want to do so. Sitting down as a family and eating healthfully is super important to us AND it does not have to take hours to do. I will let you know how that goes! 

What do you all do to simplify your life? I'd love to hear your ideas! 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey sweet friends! I'm sorry I've been a little MIA the past week. I've been getting life back together after going out of town and getting some loose ends tied up because...I GOT A JOB! Thats my #1 on this list today. It was my first choice out of two interviews I had. I'm soo soo thankful for this opportunity- I'm still kind of floored I got this job. Its proof that you have nothing to lose to just go for it.  I start next monday and have lots of things to cross off my to-do list before I start. Hopefully that means getting a couple of super fun home projects done for the blog also!  Here are the rest of the things I'm thankful for:


All the time Henry and I got to spend with family last weekend. Here he is with Marmee (my mom) 


If you saw my instagram recently you already know about this. I stopped for what I expected to be a quick trip to MacDonald's to get a happy meal for H's lunch on our way home from Jacksonville. An older gentleman sat next to us and we struck up a conversation. He was an Army psychiatrist who went back to school to become a lawyer. He then became a law professor and judge, and when he retired he became a minister and Gideon. An hour after he sat down, we had talked about everything from God to Psychology and everything in between. He prayed for me and my family, and was so so uplifting. That was one of those special experiences that I don't think I'll ever forget. 

 We came home from Jacksonville and was sick sick sick with a fever. The hubby forced me ( because I'm terrible about self care) to relax, poured me a glass of wine, and built me a fire. 
Florida does sky well, y'all. 

Got my hairs did! Finally. I got my hair cut about 2.5 months ago and I needed a trim so so bad. I ended up with something shorter than I originally intended, but once she started cutting, I just told her to keep goin'. I haven't had hair this short in a long time but love it! 

I'll be catching up on lots of things that have happened in the past week or two on the blog and like I said, I look forward to sharing a couple of projects I have up my sleeve!