Friday, November 15, 2013


Hey there! I hope everyone is finishing out a great week! I'm finally getting my 5 on Friday up! This week has been busy busy! 


My friend Melanie came in town this past weekend and we had such a great time. We became instant friends when she was assigned to be my "big sister" in grad school. It's not awesome that we don't live down the street from one another anymore but she's taken time to come visit a few times once she moved away and its always so much fun! We explored and ate and shopped and played with H. It also means so much to me when my friends love Henry so much, and she definitely does. She is auntie Mel to him and lets him jump all over her and throw baseballs at her. 


After today started out not on the awesome side, (to include my only travel mug leaking ALL over me ALL morning) I decided to take some of my birthday money and purchase one of these alice and olivia for Starbucks travel mugs. I mean. My coffee now has it's own tutu. the end. 


Henry started at his new school for two half days this week to get used to it before being there full time. To say it is a better fit for him than his old daycare is an understatement. They ADORE him and take SUCH good care of him. They keep them engaged all day long in projects and learning, and he even gets to bring his own lunch. So obviously he had to get his very own special lunch box with his name on it. I know he won't remember it but I love it and it makes his teachers finding his things easier. Also, he loves carrying his lunchbox in to school and feels like such a big boy. 


I FINALLY went to World Market with Mel this weekend. And I was sold. Because, wine y'all. Can I please get a moment of silence? Amen.


Two awesome things in this photo. It was finally cold enough to wear my super comfy uggs the other day. I don't care if they have crud on them or if they are even out of style ( I have no idea if they are or not) they are SO dang comfy. Also, I was waiting for the library to open so I could get my library card in this photo. I got Henry one as well and scored on a ton of books for him and an audio book to listen to for myself while I drive around running errands. Score!

Okay y'all, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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