Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi There! Today In honor of my first day of work! Woo hoo for orientation! (jay kay) - I thought I would show a couple of items that I would love to have in my office. 

1. 2. 3. 4.5.

1. I have always loved Pencil Shavings Studio. I have one of her ipad covers and it is great quality, and just about the cutest thing ever. I am a stripes lover, and a color lover- so I thought that a tray like this to corral client files/paperwork would be a cute addition to my office. It also fits my profession too  as an art therapist (or so I tell myself). 

2. My favorite aisle in Tarjay is the Smith and Hawken aisle. I have always loved their things, and used to spend hours walking through the store in my hometown on my breaks from working retail over christmas.  I would love this box to make a terrarium out of in my office. 

3. Coffee. Obviously. I am old school when it comes to coffee. I use a french press or my Bialetti stove top espresso maker to make coffee, and that's it. I utterly refuse to buy a keurig. Handy they are, but I just can't give up my old school ways. Because they take slightly more effort/time to make coffee in, I'll probably be having my first cup at the office. Starbucks is carrying a small 2 or 3 cupper that is made out of recycled plastic. I love the design, AND it is wayyyy cheaper than buying one at Target- surprisingly enough. Target has become proud of their french presses. $30? I mean. 

4. I think every office should have something green. I have collected cacti and succulents since I was itty bitty. I would save up a dollar from my allowance and every few weeks go to the "cactus guy" at our local farmers market and pic out a new plant. I still have a huge aloe vera plant that I'll be taking with me to work, but I'd like to get more, and make a terrarium in that gorgeous Smith and Hawken box from above. 

5. Ever since I was small I've been obsessed with school supplies. I still am, even though I am out of school now (cue angels singing). I LOVE these notepads from Greenroom. Theyre super sassy, and they are just about the perfect size to stow in your purse or keep it on your desk. I take notes all the time for everything, and these make it that much more fun. And you can't get mad at the price tag either. 

What are some of your work/office must-haves? 

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