Saturday, November 16, 2013


Friday Coach's flights got cancelled due to weather and he was home for the day. With Henry at school for a half day, and about to start full time again, I was feeling a little aimless and mopey around the house. We ended up sitting on the sofa, eating lunch, talking, and watching really dumb television on TLC. 


It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. It definitely felt strange to do nothing- not even being on the computer or phone while watching tv or something. I am not good at doing nothing. Watching a movie is a perfect time to fold laundry or blog, right? But it is worth it to train our minds to concentrate on ONE thing at a time- it provides much more rest, and is calming. And de-programming from the glorification of busy is hard to do, but worth it. 

It is so important in our day and age of constant over-stimulation due to the media to really just do NOTHING, or reduce what you do to one thing, and focus solely on that! 


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