Thursday, July 11, 2013

saw it on Pinterest challenge!


There are always so many projects I see on Pinterest that I want to do, so this is a way to challenge myself to do them every once in a while. I make recipes from Pinterest on occasion but usually nothing other than that. 

This DIY is particularly out of my comfort zone because I am NOT a hair stylist by any means. I mean- I didn't own a brush until a few years ago when I cut my hair off and HAD to style it every day. I can't believe I just admitted that out loud...

messy + braids + buns
Original Pin
(I could not find the original site, please let me know if you know of it!) 

Anyway, I adore messy hairdos, especially this one. So I thought I'd give it a try...


I started with 2 day unwashed hair and added some dry shampoo to the roots to add some body. I normally don't wash my hair more often than 3x a week because my hair is SO fine it gets oily easily AND gets really dried out easily. I am currently in the early stages of no-pooing my hair (Another Pinterest challenge coming your way) which you can read more about here. I decided to curl my hair sporadically with a 1 inch curling iron to add more body/texture to it. As you can see in the original photo, the model has a lot of body and texture to her hair. 


Next I parted my hair down the middle (in the back). I don't do the middle part too well so I kept my natural part in front and just decided to see how that would work.  I also teased my hair a bit in the back using a comb, as it appears the model has done. I decided I need to tease it more and higher on my head next time for the same effect. 


Next I separated my hair in half again on either side.


I twisted each side and then twisted them together into a bun. I realized in hind sight that I can make it messier to achieve a look closer to the original. 


And finally I braided each side and twisted the braids around the bun, pinning each one into the bun. I attempted the french-braid on either side and gave up after my arms fell asleep after several attempts haha. Then I sprayed my hair with some hairspray to smooth out the fly-aways. 

All in all I'm happy with it! It took a while for me since I'm a newbie but its a nice change from my usual topknot, pony, or leaving my hair down. It is not ideal for a get ready and go kind of day as my days usually are around here. I normally shower at night and don't wear makeup in the summer so I'm ready in about 10 minutes flat. (Having an extremely active 16 month old also dictates my morning routine as well ;). )

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

what I'm thankful for today

pike place flower mkt

A while ago I started keeping a gratitude journal. I don't write in it every day, but I do make a mental list at the very least every day. 

Doing so has helped change the way I think completely. I used to be a pragmatist and a cynic at times for sure. Being positive has helped me realize how limiting my previously negative way of thinking was. 

Athletes and motivational speakers have lauded the power of positive thinking forever...and they're actually on to something.

I've found that gratitude has been the easiest and most profound way of changing not only my thinking but my way of life. 

I get more done in my day. Things that previously upset me no longer do. I am more openminded. Things that once made me anxious no longer do. And the biggest thing is that I'm no longer as hard on myself as I used to be. 

It really is as simple as being grateful. I love the adage "be grateful in all things" and that can be extremely difficult to do. But I'm working on it. 


And so, I'm sharing today's list:

1. Henry + Robert  (Hen and Robert will always be my #1 on this list)

2. Our upcoming move to a new place

3. The connections I've already made with WONDERFUL people who live down there.

4. Re-entering the fleet and the Navy community

5. My bright pink shirt I'm donning today. (No clue why but it makes me SO happy!) 

6. The friendships I've made here

7. Being home with Hen this summer

8. That my quiche turned out last night and I have yummy leftovers for lunches! (Its the little things!) 

I encourage you to start keeping a gratitude journal or list and see how that changes things for you! 

++ Emily 

Note: The photos included really don't go with this post other than that they are photos that make me happy :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Week On Instagram

This past week I went to Seattle for a Professional Conference for a few days. I made sure not to spend too much time working and did a little sight seeing. From top left:
1. My new mug and coffee from the original Starbucks //  2. The hubby and I on a date to go stand up paddle boarding // 3. Sleepy Henry after waking up the night before due to a nightmare // 4. Gin and Tonic Season!  // 5. Getting back into running. // 6. Honey Badger Cartoon! // 7. My boy loves Chipotle //  8. Midnight french fry stop on my way home from the airport // 9. Breakfast at Le Panier in Pikes Place // 10. The original Starbucks // 11. Pier 70 where my fave season of The Real World was filmed in Seattle // 12. Dinner at Cafe Champagne in Seattle