Wednesday, July 10, 2013

what I'm thankful for today

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A while ago I started keeping a gratitude journal. I don't write in it every day, but I do make a mental list at the very least every day. 

Doing so has helped change the way I think completely. I used to be a pragmatist and a cynic at times for sure. Being positive has helped me realize how limiting my previously negative way of thinking was. 

Athletes and motivational speakers have lauded the power of positive thinking forever...and they're actually on to something.

I've found that gratitude has been the easiest and most profound way of changing not only my thinking but my way of life. 

I get more done in my day. Things that previously upset me no longer do. I am more openminded. Things that once made me anxious no longer do. And the biggest thing is that I'm no longer as hard on myself as I used to be. 

It really is as simple as being grateful. I love the adage "be grateful in all things" and that can be extremely difficult to do. But I'm working on it. 


And so, I'm sharing today's list:

1. Henry + Robert  (Hen and Robert will always be my #1 on this list)

2. Our upcoming move to a new place

3. The connections I've already made with WONDERFUL people who live down there.

4. Re-entering the fleet and the Navy community

5. My bright pink shirt I'm donning today. (No clue why but it makes me SO happy!) 

6. The friendships I've made here

7. Being home with Hen this summer

8. That my quiche turned out last night and I have yummy leftovers for lunches! (Its the little things!) 

I encourage you to start keeping a gratitude journal or list and see how that changes things for you! 

++ Emily 

Note: The photos included really don't go with this post other than that they are photos that make me happy :)

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