Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Week On Instagram

This past week I went to Seattle for a Professional Conference for a few days. I made sure not to spend too much time working and did a little sight seeing. From top left:
1. My new mug and coffee from the original Starbucks //  2. The hubby and I on a date to go stand up paddle boarding // 3. Sleepy Henry after waking up the night before due to a nightmare // 4. Gin and Tonic Season!  // 5. Getting back into running. // 6. Honey Badger Cartoon! // 7. My boy loves Chipotle //  8. Midnight french fry stop on my way home from the airport // 9. Breakfast at Le Panier in Pikes Place // 10. The original Starbucks // 11. Pier 70 where my fave season of The Real World was filmed in Seattle // 12. Dinner at Cafe Champagne in Seattle 

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