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Hey y'all. Hope you all are wrapping up a great week! A few weeks ago on instagram I asked my followers what kind of workouts they would like to see and got a few great responses! My darling husband obliged my request and has come up with a great work out for y'all today.  As I said before, I'm so thankful to have him around to keep me motivated and to make sure I do thinks right in the gym. 
You know I have to say this- but please make sure you have been approved by your medical professional to work out. My husband does not mess around in the gym- he is extremely safety-conscious in everything he does or has me do. He will even go up to a dude at the gym and help him if he sees him doing something that will hurt him- he is HUGE on safety. He has a degree in exercise science and is eligable to sit for his licensure exam- but is about to start some serious training with the military (7 days a week- boo). While he is a trained personal trainer- he isn't yours (though I know he would love to be!). He is happy to answer any questions you may have with regard to the exercises below, but he can't evaluate whether or not you are able to do the exercises- since he's not there with you. Please do this workout with your best judgement. 
Along with the amount of care he puts into people being safe in the gym, he also doesn't do or give anyone else an exercise that won't WORK them out. He wants everyone to do their best and push themselves - so the below workout isn't easy. 
I also want to say a little bit about weight lifting. I was never intimidated in the weight room at the gym, per se, as I was a college athlete and had to lift weights as  a part of training- I don't really know what kind of workouts to do on my own. I was not interested in weight lifting because I did not want to get bulky! Let me tell you- you will NOT get bulky unless you are supplementing like crazy in order to GET bulky. Us ladies do not have the hormones needed to naturally get bulky- TRUST me on this. And also- ladies try to not be intimidated by going to the weight room around a buch of guys if that is something that makes you uncomfortable. In fact- if you need help or need to be spotted- thats like a "thing" in the weight room- people are happy to help or spot! And also - I bet the guys in there think its pretty cool if a lady goes in and lifts weights. 
The thing that surprised me the most about weight lifting is that I saw results WAY faster than from cardio alone AND those results lasted way longer after I cut down on weight lifting over the period of time we were prepping for- and moving. When I was in grad school, if I had to skip a day or two during the week- it was always cardio and never the weight lifting part- and I continued to see results. Keep in mind that I was eating clean and trying not to skip too many work outs. So don't let that be your permission slip to skip a work out ;).
Hey! Early this week Em asked me if I could answer her ask the trainer column, and I am happy to say that this is the first of hopefully many Coach Rob segments. In her request for questions, several of you replied looking for some exercises and workouts. Being my first segment, I have created a workout that can be done in less than 40 minutes and is good for once, twice or three times a week. The purpose of this workout is to address the question looking for inner leg work, arm work and a walking/jogging routine.
1, 2 or 3 times a week perform the following:
1.                  Walk on a treadmill for 2 minutes as fast as possible without becoming a jog
2.                  2 sets of Squats, 12 to 15 repitions
3.                  2 sets of Reverse Lunges, 12 to 15 reps
4.                  1 set of Bench Press, 12 to 15 reps
5.                  1 set of Bent over Barbell Row, 12 to 15 reps
6.                  1 set of Shoulder Press, 12 to 15 reps
7.                  2 Sets of Bicep Curls, 12 to 15
8.                  1 set of Tricep Extensions, 12 to 15
9.                  2 sets of as many crunches as possible per set
10.              12 minutes jogging on treadmill

This routine will strengthen all muscles in the legs and will hit the arms pretty hard while also strength the entire upper body. By warming up prior to lifting your heart rate will elevate and stay raised during the workout and the run at the end will help add cardio to the routine. This combination will allow for greater calorie burn and reduced fat. By strengthen the muscles and burning more calories you will see results faster. Unfortunately there is no way to spot reduce body fat, however the routine will lower the overall body fat and that will lead to lose inches where you want to.
Another question was a routine for the lower abdominal muscles. Like the above routine, there is no way to reduce fat in a specific area, however we can add anyone of the following exercises into the above routine and specifically strengthen the lower abs. If you are looking for a low ab strength routine, you can use three of the exercises together as an add-on to any routine.
·                     Hanging Leg raises
·                     Scissor Kicks
·                     Hip Thrust
·                     Reverse Crunch
·                     V Hold
·                     Planks
For a video reference click on any of the exercise names. I hope you enjoy and get a lot out of this, and please keep the questions coming.
Okay, its Em:
P.S. all links are credited to which is a free site where you can research all kinds of great workouts, and refer to their videos such as above so that you know how a particular exercise is done!
P.P.S. On the cardio part- if you can't run 12 minutes straight starting out- then run for as long as you can, then walk quickly, and then run as long as you can, and walk quickly- gradually working up to that run over time. NOBODY starts out running that far the first time- so work up to it if ya gotta! 
P.P.P.S. Go over to his site and leave some love. Also, if you have questions go there and leave a comment or email him- he will definitely get back to ya! 

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