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Hi there lovelies. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day! I'm starting a new series on the blog about my home. I've had a lot of requests to see the new house, so I thought that this would be the best way to share it. I'm going to do a room or two every so often and include my dreams for the rooms. 

Our home was so tiny before that I could not really do anything to decorate. We also didn't really need to because it was a cool older home in the middle of a small city and had a lot of character and neat features. We had awesome track lighting in one of our SUPER long hallways so we turned the walls into a gallery of my art and the coach's photography (sporty, smart, cute, AND artistic- he's a keeper I tell ya) . We also had exposed brick walls and suuuper high ceilings. So We basically had to do nothing to have a cool home.

Now that we have moved, we are in a home that is 2 times (YEP) the size of our old house. We had so much furniture that we actually don't need to buy any furniture. I would like to replace some of our items because they don't fit our style anymore, or don't fit our needs anylonger (or broke in the move).

My goal is to thrift or antique and/ or build a lot of what I want to replace. My goal is also to be very intentional about what we do add to the home. I really don't want to spend money on something just to have it, just to fill the spot. I have done that in the past and I felt so wasteful, and ultimately did not love what I purchased. I want our home to really reflect who we are, and our life, and I love for pieces to have meaning/ a story behind them. 

Today I'm focusing on the living room. 

This is what we are currently working with: 




We hand pictures over time because 3m strips are pricey y'all. (keepin' it real) So that is why we still have boxes. Also, we have not figured out exactly where or how to store our outdoor stereo system (pictured by the window) because it has to stay by the window. 

The plan is for the sofa and coffee table to eventually go into the man-cave. I love the sofa as it is super comf. and it is slipcovered so I can wash as needed (read: every week), but I'm not sure if I'm gonna go for a white sofa out here with the little dude running around. I am super strict about him sitting down to eat/drink not only for cleanliness, but also because he is not allowed to run around at restaurants, so why would he be allowed to do it at home? That said, his little sticky fingers leave something behind every. day. 

I love the rug but I am unsure if it will stay there or go elsewhere. as I mentioned in a previous post, the carpet in the house is grody so I'm using it to cover it as much as I can. 

Below is an inspiration board I've put together for the living room.

Seating Collage

I love the idea of neutral furniture with sassy accessories. I also love love love funky textiles with a LOT of color. My mother is currently making me pillows from textiles that my grand parents bought while they lived in Central and South America. They are fun and brightly colored and will add a lot of sass to the room. I'd like to re-cover the red chair with a linen fabric as well. I am not sure what kind of curtains to use, and what kind of rug to use. Any thoughts or suggestions? Also, any thoughts about what to do on or above the mantle? 


I have a love affair with gold picture frames, so I'm hoping to use what we have and thrift some more. I also want to put some big fun artwork in the living room. I am in LOVE with everything about Kate Spade's whole house ( her living room shown on the right), so that is a source of inspiration for my house. I love that it is funky, and includes a lot of colors and patterns, and that she elevates her style with formal silhouettes and/or gold accents. 

I'd love to know if you all have a favorite source for furniture or textiles, and any suggestions for artwork/ and rugs/window treatments! 


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